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Club Captain's Corner 2015

WEEK: Saturday 28 March 2013

RUGBY: Premiers VS YMP                             SCORE: 16-20

Players of the Day:    3 Points:  Semisi Akana

                                        2 Points: Paddy Allen

                                        1 Point: Peter Livingston

            Senior 1 VS                                         SCORE: ( Starts after Easter)

Player of the Day:

NETBALL: TEAM 1 VS HSOG                          SCORE: Lost

                                  VS          Girls High                    Score: 26 - 22

Player of the Day: Jamie Watson 1st Game Sarah Marshall 2nd Game

NETBALL: TEAM 2 VS YMP2                          SCORE: 22 - 30

                                  VS          Nga Hau E Tipua         Score: 30-16

Player of the Day: Sarah Gibson 1st Game     Abby Bright 2nd Game

NETBALL: TEAM 3 VS Pirates                                    SCORE: 29 - 8

                                  VS          Ritana Development   Score: 26 - 19

Player of the Day: Ashleigh Brown, Alicia Caldwell Rita Halley

NETBALL: TEAM 4 VS OBM 2                         SCORE: 11 - 29

                                  VS          Rimurapa                    Score: 7 -26

Player of the Day: Becca Hood


Greetings Ngatapa

First Of All I would like to introduce myself. My Name is Stu Smith and it gives me great honour to represent our club as your new Club Captain for 2015. I am the owner of Gisborne Glass Limited and I am married to Megan and have 3 girls Hannah, Amy and Rebecca. I Played for Ngatapa from 1996-97 before moving away for 4 years and continued playing when I retured home in 2000 until 2003. When Paul Kirkpatrick asked me if I would like to come back to the club and help out this is where I have ended up.

As your new Club Captain I would like to take the opportunity to Welcome all our teams and players from all our 5 codes, Rugby. Netball Hockey, Soccer and Cricket and I hope that all your Preseason Training and preparations' are going well as we draw closer to game day. The fitness levels are getting better as we burn off whats left of the xmas ham and get ready to go to battle for the honour of representing our club.

A few notes from My Corner and key dates to mark on the calendar

First of all our working bee at the club on Thursday night at 5.30 just to give the Clubhouse a bit of a spruce up and carry out a bit of R&M before the season starts and have it looking nice for all our visitors and more importantly ourselves

Our Crutching day at Totangi Stn is on Saturday Morning. Only 2000 to do so grab your hand piece and come and have some fun. Many hands make light work

Next Thursday night the 19th we have asked the Police to come to the club and pay a visit to explain the new drink driving laws and have a bit of a play with breath testing. This is an important gathering for the club as it shows that we are being responsible hosts and it gives you the chance to see how many beers you can enjoy at the club and still keep our roads safe when driving home.

Saturday March 21st is a big day for the club with our Nipper Muster in the morning so it will be great to catch up and meet you all. So Mums and Dads get down to Paddys Park on Saturday morning and catch up with your team mates and coaches for the 2015 season we will have a bouncy castle Slip n slide and lolly scramble for the whole family. We are still looking for a JAB coordinator for the season so if you are interested contact me.

We are then off down to the Oval to support our Premier Rugby Side as they take on Horouta in the first round of the 2015 Rugby Competition

Could I please ask that all coaches and managers from all codes please drop me an email and make yourselves known to me. I can be contacted on 0272420753 my email address is stu@gisborneglass.co.nz or home is 8633183.

Looking forward to a great fun filled successful season






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