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Monday 30th May


The All Blacks naming yesterday dominated all the talk, there were a few curve balls, like only two halfbacks that opened up an extra spot which must have surely gone to Damien McKenzie. Great to see Izzy back in and now has the chance to crack 50 tests as he has been sitting on 49 for a while!

I got down and watched some of the Eastland Vets  Nipper rugby on Saturday, it's great to see all the green and white jerseys running around. Some of these kids have got a ton of guts and were all over the show with ball in hand and on defence. Looks like the prem team of the future will go well.

Quiz night was a great success on Saturday, thanks to everyone that helped organise it and those that came along and got involved.

Results from the weekend are

Larsawn Ngatapa remain the holders of the challenge cup after they hung in to beat HSOB 16-10. It was a good game to watch, especially when the Ngatapa scrum was demolishing HSOB. Player of the day was Paddy Allen.

Harvest Transport Ngatapa got taken apart by Tapuae losing 49-5. Player of the day was Andrew Parker.

Not a good weekend for netball,

Farmlands Ngatapa had the weekend off,

Gisborne glass Ngatapa lost 22-18. Sarah Gibson was player of the day

Fred Tate Ngatapa lost 24-17, player of day Hannah George.

Ballance Agri Nutrients lost.

Ben Holden Fencing Ngatapa Hockey had a 2-1 win over Paikeha, there players of the day were Harriet Rolls and Emma Robinson.

Express PR Ngatapa Silkies lost to Bohemians 3-1. Player of the day Bailey Curtis

Have a good week everyone



Friday 27th May

It's actually starting to feel a bit like winter and the right time of the year to be watching Saturday morning sports. It got cold quick this week and many of the fires around the district that hadn't been lit are now going. Ruapehu finally got a bit of snow, but it's a long way to go before we can get amongst the skis out yet.

The weekends are rolling around pretty quickly at the moment and tomorrow brings another Saturday with plenty of action for everyone to get out and watch.

Farmlands Ngatapa played mid-week and lost to Waikohu. It must have been a physical game looking at Jenny Randall's black eye!

Get down to the netball courts tomorrow and check out the action,

Fred Tate Wools Ngatapa play at 9.25am

          Gisborne Glass Ngatapa play at 12.10pm

          Balance Agri Nutrients Ngatapa play at 12.10pm also.


Express PR Ngatapa Silkies play at 12.30pm at Nelson park

Ben Holden Fencing Ngatapa Hockey are on the turf at 2.45pm against Paikea.

Harvest Transport Ngatapa Senior ones rugby are on the bus tomorrow to Wairoa to play Tapuae at home. Tapuae will be a hard game and keen to get their season on track after a second round start and a first up loss to Athletic last week. Harvest Transport boys have lost a few games in a row now too so they will be keen to get a win. It will be worth a drive to Wairoa tomorrow to watch this clash. If you're brave enough you can catch a ride home on the bus!

Probably the biggest game of the season in the competition tomorrow at Rugby Park. Larsawn Ngatapa vs HSOB. Top of the table HSOB taking on a green and white team that have found form and ability to close out the game. The last two wins were at Merial Ancare Paddy's Park, let hope they can win away and keep the momentum going. The game kicks off at 2.30pm.

Quiz Night tomorrow night at the club rooms, turn up with some mates or by yourself and we will find you some mates. Register at 6.30pm- kick off at 7pm. If your keen to win bring bribe money, I will see you there!

Have a good weekend, make sure you get out and about to support Ngatapa.





Friday 20th May


Another week gone by and we arrive week 3 of 5 in round 2 in the rugby competition. Netball has been going through the grading weeks and starting to get settled. Hockey is chugging away quietly with a few games mid-week and the soccer team is trying its best to smash school kids up again this year!

Round two against OBM sees the Graeme Allen Cup go up for grabs. It was created after the passing of Graeme Allen who played for Marist. His brother Trevor played for Ngatapa hence why the memorial clash is between Ngatapa and OBM.

Over the coming weeks I am planning to sit down all the "old wise ones"  from Ngatapa and squeeze the history out of them before it disappears and the meaning of all the trophies and cups in the cabinet are gone.

If you have any stories around any of the cups it would be great if you could let me know.

Tomorrow brings another home game at Merial Ancare Paddys Park for all rugby.

Eastland Vets Nippers kick off at 9.00am and run through to 12.00pm

Harvest Transport Ngatapa will be looking to get back to their winning ways against OBM kick off at 1.15pm

Larsawn Ngatapa will be wanting to go 3 on the trot when they run out against OBM premiers at 2.30pm.

Gisborne Glass Ngatapa, Fred Tate Wools Ngatapa  and Ballance Agri Nutrients Ngatapa will be dominating the netball courts from 9.05am through to 2.50pm.

Farmlands Ngatapa played during the week- results to come.

Express PR Ngatapa Soccer have a home game also and will be kicking off at 12.30pm at Merial Ancare Paddys Park also.

Ben Holden Fencing Ngatapa Hockey take on YMP at 4.30pm 

I am just about to bolt to Hamilton for the Ahuwhenua Dairy awards tonight, given the down turn in the milk price I can't see it been the most lively party so hopefully I catch you on the deck at some point tomorrow, make sure you get out and about and support the green and white for another week.

Have a good weekend

Go green!!



Monday 16th May


It was another great day on Saturday at Merial Ancare Paddys Park. The deck was full again and the supporters had the benefit of the extra warm weather for May. The old people that would have been moaning about the sunshine were the players. The pitch had more dust coming off it than it did in February and the heat didn't help the players either.

It was a great day at the club with the Ngatapa U21s from 1991 having a bit of 25 year reunion. It was great to see them coming together for a catch up and see them all pretending to be under 21 again!

Results from the weekend

Larsawn Ngatapa retained the Black and White Trophy by beating Waikohu 30-26. This game was an intense game, fast running, big hits and a few nerves near the end when Waikohu got their tails up. Well done to the Larsawn Ngatapa team who also won the Challenge Cup off Waikohu. They now have to defend it against OBM this weekend. Player of day - Paddy Allen.

Harvest Transport Ngatapa lost to Athletic 14-8. Player of day - Cactus

Farmlands Ngatapa Netball had two games during the week. Both games were lost . YMP 44-71AND HSOG 48-55. Players of the day - Dayna Green and Georgina Richmond.

Gisborne Glass Ngatapa lost to HSOG 19-37. Player of day - Abby Bright

Fred Tate Ngatapa got the win against Waikohu 26-18. Player of Day - Monica Hall

Balance Agri Nutrients Ngatapa Lost 3-25 against Rimurapa Player of Day - Hayley Velden.

Express PR Ngatapa Silkies got a win

Ben Holden Fencing Ngatapa Hockey lost 9-0 against GMC

FarmCare Services Player of the Week went to Abby Bright.

There is another home game this weekend at Merial Ancare Paddys Park, hopefully a bit of rain between now and Saturday to soften up the pitch.

Look forward to seeing you on the deck next weekend










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